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Quite recently, I went to see a production of Electra at the Old Vic, featuring Kristen Scott Thomas as Electra herself. As you can imagine, I was extremely excited to watch this as I had heard (oh yes, I had) about how brilliant Scott Thomas is. And let me tell you: she was. During that hour and a half, she seemed to act her heart out – I’m still surprised she was able to bow through the curtain call without fainting!

Electra is a young woman who, overtaken by grief after her father (Agamemnom)’s murder, spends her days mourning. All contact with her brother, Orestes, has been lost since his departure to a foreign country. Electra’s mother has been sleeping with the man who killed her father, and this angers Electra the most out of all the troublesome things in her life.

One day, Orestes does come home with a plan to trick his mother and the man she is sleeping with. He and Electra eventually murder their mother and the imposter. Of course, the most satisfying – and gruesome – of endings.  Apparently Greek crowds were bloodthirsty.

I respect Kristen Scott Thomas the most out of all the actors in that play because of how realistic she made it feel. I recently read an interview with her in the newspaper, and she said that she preferred theatre acting to films because it flowed more and it felt more realistic, as one isn’t constantly stopping and starting to change scenes. There also aren’t cameras and members of the film crew everywhere.

So bravo, Scott Thomas, and a bloodthirsty night to you all!


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Corinne 30/11/2014 18:57

Malgré sa préférence compréhensible, espérons qu'elle continue de tourner pour le cinéma !